How Can I Get Started?
Here Are Some Tools

We Want To Help

Whether you are a high school student, a hobbyist, or a budding data scientist, we all benefit from those who came before us.

To help you start, Python Frederick members assembled this set of resources. We hope that what you find here will speed you on your way to becoming a master Pythonista.

If you have questions that we don’t answer here, please feel free to contact us on Twitter or Slack.

For beginners

Never written a line of code before? No idea what a variable is? That’s okay! We all had to start somewhere.

Python is a great first programming language.

For data scientists

If you’re here to learn how to do data science in Python, then you’re in for a treat.

Python is a fantastic language for doing scientific analysis!

Christine, our resident data scientist co-organizer, put together an excellent introduction into the tools to use to do data science in Python.

The presentation is full of great information.

For experienced devs

Maybe you’re a Java expert? Or perhaps you learned enough PHP to understand the basics of programming.

There are some great resources for people who already understand programming and want to learn a new language.

  • Do code exercises and get mentoring from the team at Exercism (for free!).